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Mouldings & extrusions

Need a bespoke service for your mouldings & extrusions?

It can be a struggle to find a supplier of mouldings and extrusions that will also offer to assist in the dye and development of your product, but you have to come to the right place.

When you contact Willenhall Rubber & Industrial Supplies Ltd we are happy to offer this service and provide you with the product that you need.


We stock a range of materials and our sales office are more than happy to share their wisdom with you should you have any queries.

Much more to offer you

For mouldings & extrusions in Willenhall, serving the UK, call or email:

01902 635 222


You can contact Willenhall Rubber and Industrial Supplies Ltd in Willenhall on:

01902 635 222

or you can email us at:


mouldings & extrusions